My orgasm feels just so great

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Why I would like to have sex just before I die

Jason Ritso

Because when I have a great orgasm, I don't care about anything. That lasts for about 15 minutes.

But as we are getting older, orgasms may feel less of a necessity. That's sad.

Sooner or later, mankind will be able to manipulate the biochemistry of our minds. Not quite there yet, though. But when mankind will have reached that stage, it's eternal orgasmic bliss for each of us.

But right now, we are still in the pharmacological stone age. We can manipulate our minds somehow. With opiates to reduce or annihilate pain, with cannabis for a more engaging perception.

Dopaminergics can be used to enhance libido. I myself use mucuna pruriens, the velvet bean, practically every day. It supplies L-dopa, which crosses the blood-brain barrier, but actually, there is more biochemistry to it. It's not just the L-dopa.

you will probably have to sensitize yourself for it for a few days, or one to two weeks. What I found out is that the effect becomes stronger over time.